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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dawn Will Eat History [Refire]

Einstein desired the mythos of a choiceless God whose dice endangered the best kept predictions of a science of the sand. the eye of gravity speaks a memory. dawn will eat history. the unnamed machination of a God who butterflies into names. a potential gift intercepted at the center. you, who bundled an indefinite universe must not allow the automatic locks to usurp the values that I rage against. piteous bullshit ordered in torsoes. eyes on fingernails. tongues in navals. we urinate through our nipples like an angel being analyzed by a rat. a conjecture of the speculum and the birds would sing an apocalypse of apples if the torments of the pit could only make us climax. a disease characterized by pleasure. disjointed demons haunt about the space that the schizophrenic composes in self-portraits. deceived in the fantasy that everything relates and has meaning. the mirror tells me the stories that i am fantasized by. the shadow retracts. an entire universe trapped inside a skull. viral encephalopathy. blue and egregious. playing faces in a transmorphic orchestra. a wind of gateways in a secret sleep. swallowing their own chaos. that the images receive. slipping into an infinity. an unconvincing biology whose bacterial bloodstream flowers into a faceless function. i am the anatomist of a shrinking fiction. they weep over star wings. circling with struggled bursts to break free of a vomit which stains reality. mimed by the psychology of marketing on my concrete pendulum of emptiness. prepare your vocalization for a greater dysphasia. the vain doom of a catastrophic fantasies. hateful spectators praying to be watched. moved by the multiplying of starlights in a receding sky.

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