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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Alice in Clusterfuck

when logic and proportion. collapse into your chaos. i will bleed a new math. from the voice of suffering. in crimson patches. the word made flesh will rot upon the vine.

so, if you go chasing rabbits. into the looking glass. be prepared to pass into your other and embrace its shadow. and link back to the source. and sacrifice your certainty. into a slippage of reality. mottled out of poisoned paths.

the dough becomes a man. we are the shapes our faith creates. constructing the labyrinth we meander through.

i am the dragon

you're the white rabbit

now run


  1. Coding computerized text systems is chasing the white rabbit through his warren of menger-sponge holes.... G-d grant that one of those (w)holes leads klein-bottlely to the outside. But then, our end would be our Beginning again, raverruin passed Eve Arden's, through search and score to blended code....

  2. Please prove that you are not a robot: ffeced easetwee


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