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Friday, May 10, 2013

The King

[1] The Armies of God

deliver me. from the strings of my people. the strings of their striving. the nitre & the pitch. deliver me from my enemies. who rise & fall against me. then sing the praises of my name. as they butress my feet with their bones.

their speeches die on frozen tongues. paralyzed in the kiss of death.

i raise an army of feral beasts
from the east end of eden
like a circuit to the west
a circuit of desire
a circuit of dominion
a circuit of eden
a burnt offering
of his right hand

[2] The Enemy

your read right hand
will choke your enemies
& their offspring
will destroy the earth
their bodies
will become seeds
for the plot they were
unable to perform

ready your arrows
string them
toward their faces

from the throat of my groan
my gods have forsaken me
strings & ropes & obligations
& the night falls silent
my hands enclasped
in a vacant prayer

[3] My Enemies

i am a [(w)or(m)(d)], noOne
in praise of a nation
crying out
to be delivered
& they gape at me
their salivating mouths
like the desire
of a roaring lion

i am poured out like water
blood into my body
as my heart begins to beat
they shoot from the hip
& from my mother's womb
you have been my g0d
my enemy
surrounds me
the bulls & the oxen
encircle me
& the river runs red
with their blood

[4] A Song

let your heart live forever
eat & worship
those who go down
to the dust
those who cannot keep themselves
shall bow before the grace
of their mighty king
who cannot want
i lie down in green pastures
& learn this song
through the wind washing
the leaves of the trees

[5] The Gangster We're All Looking For

for His name's sake
i walk through the valley
of the shadow of death
fearing no evil
with a rod & staff
to comfort me
i prepare a table
for my enemies
& heads roll
over my cup
runs over

a grail in the house of forever

[6] The Shamed Leading the Ashamed

my kingdom is the compression
of stars

founded in the swampy waters
of idols made of clay & gold
blood & oil
we seek our face in shadows
in masks
life up our eyes
to the sun
& be blinded
by your shame...

...this game i play against you
i pray to lose

[7] The Nature of Excellence

if the wicked come against me
i will take my strength in survival
if they will fall to their knees
& tremble before me
then curse me in their private

such is the nature of excellence:
antipathy & disdain

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