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Sunday, May 12, 2013


[1] Laughter

the very heavens laugh. the stars will shudder. as we connect the dots. all images of a human face.

tears. laughter. vomit. shit. expressions of release. today. i have begotten you. my image. i have set myself against me. i am an arrow on a shield. a musician & an instrument.

my mercy is an act of wrath.

[2] Tears

pulling these strings
we can make no distinction
btwn the musician &
the instrument

there is no rememberance
of death - only the echoes
of an earth

salted with our tears

the throat
is an open tomb
for those who take
pleasure in wickedness
& flatter their tongues
with vacuous demons
whose premonitions
are repetitions
on death

[3] Spit

i can kill you
with my sympathy alone
with a double heart
they cut your throat
& splice your soul
from your body

& now she's covered
head to toe in maggots
& she flies out of his kiss

[4] Vomit

of angels & their faith

two agencies forever contending

forever interpreting the wind

& while i die
my mouth is alive
with relentless pain
& the jealousy of angels

 [5] Cum

did i not sacrifice my son
& impregnate my daughter?

did i not send plagues over egypt?
i made a world of objects
satisfied like bees
to buzz about
my signature:

a god of mercy to everyone but yourself...


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