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Monday, February 13, 2012

America: A Prophesy[4]: Limbic

the wind against. the pieces of our god. blank slates forgive. the techniques that become immortal. instruments beget histories. GOD Magog chemistry. we are one. instrument. our faith perfects circles daring apples to perfect faith. which revolves around internal {GODHEAD} satiation.

a {GODHEAD} arose from y(our) flesh
sententious portions of which were apples

GOD beget Pius
& the circular magnum gods

like a cadence of infinities

chemistry techniques bedazzle instruments
philosophy creates slates
defaulted translated nothing
within whose higher lapidosus
can white circle rotate any god
whose bifurcated impulse is to rotate
whose spiral is inscribed in fables
& is itself a property of the universe
& mythological histories predict
this perfection

philosophy only promises reason. and reason devours flesh. Perrizites intercourse with flesh portions. & infinities nest within reason. traces following defaulted man's rotation about their centers. choices for our idols. apples or nothing. following traces defaulted money man defaulted enough to revolve out of his property.

highest bifurcated nesting
paradoxes woe knot symmetry
under can CHRIST can now devour
our corpus & kiss whores
imperatives devour deities
speechless sons with wordless woes
nothing creates Elijah

Magog instruments have a rule symmetry

the Gibean property
Ex Machina magnum
pass penitence
for a minor knot
Perizzites highest over
become under
and roll over

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