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Sunday, February 12, 2012

America: A Prophesy[3]: Limbo

maculis, your gods sleep
who has been an author.

the KING OF Clarius ate Gibeah while nesting in the lake of fire. the deliverer decompiles the truth. & set its free. limbic lizards speak in seductions, but bless with crucifixions. St Commandment's possessors suppose re-entry principles.

it will come to pass that a sinful pride is the justification for any means. men will breed out poverty. & refine the Prole component to a robot. pathogenic reflexes noted in our report. on the domestic cause of any god willing to hear our prayers.

it will come to pass. when scriptures rot in wormy earth. our god will declare its penitence. & become reborn in heathens. whose mythological crying lures it there. its only sense of reference is this sobbing.

& Scriptural ovens. that arose from perfection
to rotate around a center. to which we are identical.
the way a shadow can blanket the moon.
idols. apples. or else bifurcating trees originating
in Mischina. choices formatted over instruments.
circles identical to the rhythms of minstrels.
its fables. sons of bees. its vicious self abasement.
chemistry of our promises. Scriptural fables
circle the rules of a crying faith. Magog your flesh.
& be damned. the the red spiral tyranny of Perizzites.
& flesh is now a pet.

SPEECHLESS. the techniques that knot this circle.
Mammon binds infinities to its instruments.
representation is the origin in money. Moloch
implies this SPEECHLESS intercourse.
the Magog GOD Scripts these mirrors.
on its only pass along the spiral.
portions of our circle the attributes
of his personal symmetry. a property
of PRIVATE infinities.

oh circular {GODHEAD}
higher tears will pass along
its linear exit of from the spiral

identical to the penitence we devour.
{GODHEAD} Ex Machina. there to devour
the frictionless will of its function
the fuel of its functionaries.

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