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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Snake Lady

Tanit. My eyes begin at Gibeah. any Gaza Bera cemeteries. mourn. the passage. of her sunset. the storm born from her weather, the earth is divided now. Her sunset is perpetual as her sunrise.

entropy dwelled in so uncomposed an infancy. that Samael Horites willingly gave themselves. as puppets for the LORD.

they seek spirits
objects vessel within
facsimile's ellipses
nesting paradoxes
Tyrus commandments
plummet into a category
of an animal named
for the feeling we have
when we're in its gaze

Perizzite Adam's flat of function
Ghost washed away the Mizraim women

Byzantium eyelashes
kept my tears & I dwell
in water

to myself I say nothing

many people to & fro pathetically set
in an endless revolution

flagons capture shapeless names

city of water
GOD of lions

I write histories with their pen[I]s
chariot from within that price
of peace that broke the fourth
generation of repentance
Tema quetzal ativan
elevated center.

signifiers offereth parts.
reflecting wholeness.

their dreams are wet completely fray behind speaking clefts of chrysoprasus.

acceptable vein without re-entry
collapses into senseless
mankind completion
Except for sausage
foolish prophets bought
true dawn & we never fear
enough Gibeah Grace
supposes re-entry insects
were plagues afterward
rebels oven lips
in absence of Sela
Amorite handmaids
our chains
originate with Sherezer
Lot with bees' law
their eyes take on
one another
which inflicts former prophets
with an Eden of apocalypses
the hopes of the suffering
crucified to every frame

divinities whose limits approach infinities

the goddess with the helicoid hiss
the mistress of pain
effigies relapse into bloody techniques
which earns the lewdness of a god divided
love in a plain brown envelope
love in a legendary pink box
love made out of red money
love cut out of true faith
get ready for love
all you need is
lasts forever
it must have been

bed bound Geba, willingly eaten
burdensome Jezreel sitting in mud
I go stroke fury
and thirty stormy lowly Seas
slumber island specter REVELATION
has named every one of its slaves
in the cadence of Marduk's spectral negation
the confession of a hand
the enchantment of a fist
by which Jacob shells (Life) Slaves
& another wheel of the exorcism
turns beyond the reckoning of its gloss

unburden the Cretans
whose schizoid sky
can kill their fathers

plague rod
of an ass of hosts
unto heavens west; fallen

a satisfied moon consumes a song

Egyptians: lying to Sodom
and daughters of the air
for yOu are their baker
hither to the LORD'S land

making a figure 8
dig through prosperity

GREED sequence

pruning hooks heaped in the LORD's house

vapour sea in Haran
halfhaven of a voice

Satan’s animals of your wOrd
mock our reproach is called hopelessness
plagues provoke Byzantium's dying herds
to wish mythological slates could be blanked

by a crying GOD
who acts as a hOles
in thy salvation function
exorcise spiritus masochist Jezreel
save you
brained masochist heaven
of slimepit sadists
prophecy Salem
deicides of battle flesh
mythologies pitiless as the Sun
indefinite Moloch bedevils
Jerusalem and pure in thee at God
the martyr pictures can't beset
Moloch subject/object supper
and bodily thrown thus
scrum lunch Joshua crunch
Sargon on either side: a hireling!
humbled possessors madness&wit
instruments their houses with strategies
sort through Judah; let them sort through you
good guys throats separate an interatomic
bitterness & wickedness: none save us fear him
straight patient's threats fail in him
kissing his killholes
strap-on whorefare
one new infinite light

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