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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Game

in mount Sion
he who
sewn the vein
the Immanuel abstraction
whistled to the dead
& the Gilead bisection
collapsed into
the skin game
in possession of men
a procession whose
neighbours dwelt
in pitiless arrogance
afflicted the two edged
harpers vomiting ordinances
thunderous deranged health
and we cannot kill
their perpetual arms
a Gemorrah sequence
of survivalists
says sympathies are evil
and inkhorn good
Nimrim images
of false measure marks
Beth-el driven away
E DIN no man
Sodom of blossoms
reality disseminated
along gunpowder lines
merry grace
is torpid egg indignation
marduk blaspheming the sun
became a violent king
a prophet's game
of bifurcated mirrors
in vain
& hope makes Moloch
a pronoun

at appearances
PRIDE is thy high priest
quickly bless (godOgod)
dominion for a confused GOD
who sets every beast a fiction
& puts the principle pieces
in an endless antagonism

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