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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

beautiful liar

For Omar Kayyam & Lawrence Raab

in a noose of light. we are slung from the pitiless stars of night. and flee the turrets that dawn's left hand placed like traps. tempted like devils. to shine brightest in the sky.

an open door we enter. and ever falling through the bottomless pit. of our heart's desire. we have to stay because once departed we may return no more. neither solitude nor alchemy can satisfy the debt we owe this place. whose eyes are darkness. whose face looks like me.

no one dies as long as the center of all we can see dissolves into the shadows our head makes through the looking glass the moon in our eyes the one thing we leave out dominates the meaning through which the center expands into tricks of our eyes rising or going down falling into our face.

i do not know your time. but i am prone to thinking. it is mine.

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