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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

bitter boy.

all gone
out to hide

since I relished
aesthetically pleasing
with being reminded
of wine
this mixture
eventually led me
to mate with those little

took off there awkwardly
in Hawaii with hot blonde
color from Holland
whom I’ve never traumatized
no memories of strength
to flay them during recess
and heartbreak
that a deep contemplation spots

I visited home alone
and talk about being called
my vow of powerful
where she had snatched off
to discipline me
a psychological problem
they do it in games
a miserable disaster
for mother’s apartment
that pig kept inviting over
i fully indulged myself
ever after

to rub my grandmother
to heal by girls every
proving our mode
with many meals
molded me again
saw me happen
to fully realize
already begun
while others thought
plenty of utter shit
without ever being offered


corpus - utter shit
method - ngrams
generator - im3

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