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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I can breast feed moonlight.

I can breast feed moonlight
see that clock? Neon vs. black
I am all control, crest fallen
droning over you. Your foothills
I'll suck bones & be pretty.
Perforate your nature ( Organ
pumps ) spray paint everything
that can be known. Smoke rushed
through & all out into

That cackling stare.
Boarded windows.
Your face.
Flint sparks.
& I bellow (suck)
you park & we
reach Marfa
We'll reach Marfa
One day up on this
freedom pole

The Devil is not done digging. He is speaking in tongues all along the pan handle. Erosion pines at the dust in my eyes. & I am drunk.


Apparently Kristen Stewart  wrote a poem, much to the dismay of poets and others who read the poem Kristen Stewart wrote. I for one just sort of read the thing, and like any normal human being was utterly indifferent toward it. But poetry is hard, and it takes years of practice write well, and the worse part is everyone thinks they can do it and that they're the next Yeats or Plath. So anyway, I just figured I use my years of experience to rewrite Kristen Stewart's poem because I personally thought there was some potential there. She makes the mistake most young writers make: the language draws attention to itself, and not what it is describing. (I know this disregards all conceptual poetry, but this is often a sound practice for aspiring poets). Anyhoo - enjoy.. and keep practicing! We were all here at one point.

Original work here:

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