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Friday, February 7, 2014



passWork is a codeWork poem written in obfuscated FreeBASIC. The poem can literally generate all possible combinations of characters for any given password length. Dictionary files such as these can then be used in password cracking programs such as John the Ripper to recover lost passwords or for more nefarious aims. The probability that this method will crack your password is (exactly) 100%.

The download archive consists of 6 files. Please note that if you want to see the program compile you will have to download FreeBASIC (link above). There is however a compiled version available in the zip and the source code is also included for your perusal, along with an include file which contains the macro definitions which make this sort of codeWork possible. The original algorithm used to generate the passwords is also included in the zip ("recursive password gen.bas"). It is by far the most elegant solution to this problem I've seen, far more so than my own, which is why I chose to use it. Recursive functions tend to be smaller in terms of the sheer amount of code used to fashion them, and this suited my needs much better I feel, for the sake of a codeWork poem. If you decide to download FreeBASIC and run the recursive password gen BASIC file, you will be able to generate password dictionaries, one of which is included (for 3 letter passwords only). You will find that doing so can eat up a tremendous amount of space and time, which is why I limited the password size to three characters. It took about 7-8 minutes on a crappy Quad-Core processor, and generated about 4 megs of information.

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