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Thursday, February 20, 2014

When we were a curtain.

the weapons appear quite serene. his head.
suspended in his eyes blink. & he aims up.
She hears the claw snag hold of her ears.
Holy fuckin' shit. You ain't seen it up
at the base of these tools.
A little bugger ain't -
it wasn't real.
None of it.

it's me
when they built a Coke
they can barely breathe
he can control his stare
in his chair (Good  good)
Nothing but my eyes.
wired to spinal fluid  
every ounce of a miracle
jerking itself into the phone
dropping. dangling by the
tranquilized gun of
another g0d's dead men

They can't say it seems to
the street. when we were a curtain.
talking to an ambulance. listening.
losing every hand of cards he plays.
nervously as they were. Unnerved ducks
all in a row. we would be a computer.
slowly pulling away.

I've been dependent on the most dangerous man who ever existed. a phantasm of meat & sweat & blood. the after thought of WASTE LINE CLICK. fires --

& fades away.


corpus = The Matrix Screenplay
method = n-grams, cut-up
generator = j(Infinite Monkeys) v0.5

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