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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This Song is False [Part 2]

II. The Prayer

from the ground, we signaled a prayer with smoke. god will debase the shade and then be dark by morning. mirrors will swallow his fears. lovely pits devoured by prophecy. partial stars playing games with bees. in the end, illusionists will rebuild everything. the move is always mechanical. no more embodied than your heart. and empty to you. machines will be built to analyze love. life will fetishize every gift then feed on eden. in the end, burial will serve every heart its own desire.

the destined will perfect a language of opression,
a language bending the sun toward the spirits
who will swallow their schizoid godhood.

how egglike is a laughing god?

if you want to cure yourself, then comdemn.


we will run
interfearence for the coming plague.
but who will save us, oh Lord
when God is food?

i have laughed
an entire lamb's worth
of values.
wasted is the tooth
in the one who suffers
melted faces sleep
where the mysteries are
snakes and shadows
reflected in the mirror
of a careful liar
who eats the prophecies
of ghosts on fire.


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