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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This Song is False [Part 1]

I. Revelation

i chisel a shadow
out of a devil divided into seven pieces.
penitent goats will fetishize their chains.
whose processional dream inhales the excluded specter.
fantasy is the strategy.
it becomes legitimate to escape.
the system is wound around a drug.
my flight comes from the image of my gut sewn shut.

and i am chased by dawn. mysteries covered in dirt. we need props to see miracles. a dark spiral made perfect in the mouth of every convenience. glass skeletons keeping secrets from their savior. moonlight will melt ingested deities. standing on their shadows. emitting the psyches that they ingest. my drug hushing seratonin. bells of being. garbled voices. magnified in their madness. predict everything but themselves.

revelation has whistled each of its shades
[…] is always named
almighties will bend each other with full spirits
while men wear each other as plucked blossoms

salvation allegories fled at the bottomless
each of its forgotten words exclude the things beheld
we damned the tear each smile will pertain to drugs
dreamlike jadedness failed at the soak of dopamine

flesh in the message
erases my heart
no one knows for sure
which tactic will win out
as the spiritual prepare
for the end of life
the laugh of a starry chain
sulks in a prayer
dressed as a drug.

if you want to sacrifice then rage


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