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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What Planet is This?

a dysphasia of jurisprudence. echoed by the drug of infinity.
the walls of ethers. seething in radioactive edens.
names fusing in the soup of genomes.
denatured and diffusing. man and beast.
manipulated guinea pigs. wolf men and vampires.
my energy is yours to take. i see you need it.
i need to be needed. and i am holier than thou.
a dead guy is scratching at his coffin.
his fingernails bending back. his screams
returned to mother nature. the one. the many.
he stands up for love. electric brains. i can read your
memory. your schism is my karma. my possession.
my fire spreads. a coin operated white rabbit.
you chase the pusher, a refugee in burning space.
time is a debaser. eternal light, eternal bright.
your lies become you. i cannot make it home.
i follow your words, close to what you see
is what you get. angel's wings, a messanger's
big bang. storytime for honkeys and hardons.
wiping their asses with darth vapor's rage.
i can strangle a man from across the room.
so much for that. he figured out my trick and
moved. place a disclaimer here. i am partially
insane. i'm a monkey jumper. i fight for my life.
a tank on acid, and i never came down. what planet
is this? mercury retrograde. jupiter retrograde.
everything is retrograde. an assassine's blade.
a crosshair. a crossroads. a cross and the devil's
sympathy is too good to be bad. what planet is this?

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