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Friday, December 10, 2010

The God of Lies

we dissolve into the hyperform. the super shape of a subjective sequence. we are the center of a universe darkening the light that shines on itself, so that it may shine on us. and we may shine on it. there is no distinction between attention and the light we shine on one another. we bring each other to life. from here to eternity. south of a chance. north of luck. pick a card, any card.

steal half the whisper. from a cross we all divide. the light is my companion. darkness is my guide. we enslave the truth to our comforts. and tell our children comfortable lies.

the stars go with you. shooting into happiness. the blessed dictates of an over seer. the god principle will never be clean again. but i am still the same, watching the girl straddle the world. darkening the the blood red moon light. blind timing, or sometimes a fantasy that time passes slowly. time after time, sometimes always. time for trance , time for dream. make a wish. the god of lies takes requests.

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