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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

post-human anthem

my interface
there is so meone inheav en
connected in a digital dimentia
ultra violet sequence plasticity
and i am two
connected to you
through a knotted interface
everything that rises
must con verge

these are the magnetics
of our propulsion
some loss will guide us
and we will be drawn
by defective artists
hiding in the circuitry
of a generation of revolvers
are we lovers?
are we romantics?
are we waiting for a seratonin overdose?

we can lubricate every emotion in a neurotransmitter
and numb our tears to the backs of our skulls
but we cannot shake the petty noises of the bone machine
and that (God is God) is God
and the failure of every reason
to cause its meaning

We are (everwhere)
white rabbits chasing dragons
god street hookers
painless suicides

We are everywhere
the pets of zombies
16 assholes
and mother's little fucker
knowing that destiny
is to divine the past
for the agents of a God
away on business

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