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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love & Doom

Shhh! Nobody's listening.
Only whispers can escape the static.
I saw an embankment of rock
crumble like dust and dissolve
into the surrounding air. Waves laughed
& crashed against the Denver shoreline.
From the darkness, the light shines like
chaos. Beckoned by longing a beauty
of fires, faces shake, mouths agape,
into a blur. All it was before is but
a smudge, whatever it was.

Crucifix instinct doubled in the 3rd face
& sawblade style blushed at dawn. Years wandering
barren plains. Ticked & tucked away. Two heart beats
per second. Impaled bodies look like crosses when I'm hurt.

& the sky, like order, burns and spreads its unrequired love
Beckons to balance a seething. Light descends upon the darkness.
& turns this arbitrary order into assssshhhhhh!
Nobody's listening! I saw a man set a dog on fire and laugh
as it yelped & danced & burned.

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