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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Rise and Fall of Nephilim

the Watchers quivered at the sight of a man
pure and righteous; beloved of God
for their panopticon arose from
a single locus & Enoch needed only Faith

mountains crumbled to feet
into pieces no larger than a mustard seed
and the Light of God shone like the breath
of Nagasaki over the seven churches rending
flesh from the bones of the carnal
and making of them a garment of stars

Enoch examined the sky as the shell-shocked
Watchers saw their nemesis performing miricles
of Creation, but they could not alter their ways
& examine the Light of Heaven; for they themselves
were pinned to the mundane shell & the seasons
of the turning Earth because the Word of God
(in manifestation) cannot change.

so, examine like the fallen angels
and observe with purified eyes
the dying leaves on changing trees
& again – the days of summer
the hot sun scorching the turning
earth in search of righteous trees
which are unchanging.

the faithful trees are covered in leaves
fashioned by the sun's attention
God proceeds and progresses
through the pain of ages
& ever-obedient they bend
to their own necessity
the Love of the Lord of Light.
the seas do not part in accord
with man's desire.
thus do the slanderous curse the world;
their homeland; their city and their own house
& so they will be accursed.
thus do the peaceless curse the moment;
the duration; the year; the month; the day
& so they will be accursed; accused of
blaspheming the Creator by mocking His Creation.
they will stand condemned before the Lord of Song
to live again when their life perishes,
their name will be erased from their own memory.

and it came to pass, that the messengers of Heaven
beheld the daughters of man & became enamored of their form
& snatched them from their father's laps
& forced them to bear hybrids; giants among men
men of great and terrible renown.

knowing their carnal knowledge was despised by
the Lord of Light, they swore a blood oath that
none should be punished more so than another.
Thus they bore their shame like a tax, performing
a binding curse upon each other that none
should be reviled over another.

the beasts that grew in human bellies defiled
the vessel that delivered them & devoured
the body that gave them life, stealing that which
was not theirs to begin with. the Giants, the so called
Nephelim, were gods among men; the power of an angel
and the insatiable appetite of a man. and everywhere they
went they left devastation, barren landscapes, and empty
death in their wake. they became Appetite and their
tastes grew crueler with the passage of Time.

the Nephelim were detested by mankind, abominations
unto God and even their fathers became terrified of their
destructive power. they lamented the ruin left in their wake
as often happens among men, the despised became the despisers
and the appetites of the Nephelim turned against the children of God.
but the appetites of the Nephelim could not be satisfied,
even by the blood of humans. nor would they deign be
controlled by the institutions of mankind. They dined
on the elderly and the children of the whoredoms and
feasted on the carnage of the battlefields, or anyone who
offered adequate sport. men and women treated as beasts
of the field and produce. They sinned against Nature herself
indulging unholy bloodlust of men and martyrs & the earth
brought vindiction against its oppressors.

it was Azazel then, Lord of Barren Realm, Lord of Appetites
that taught mankind warcraft and weaponry hoping thus
to bind them to his cruel reflection and provide food
for his craven children.

Azazel taught them Astrology and imbued them with fear
that they might attempt to divine and manipulate events
yet to come. and the Good among them cried and their
voices echoed unto starry Heaven.

and the angels loyal to God saw the rivers filling with
the blood of His children as the desert expanded like a rash
& they watched the Nephelim dine on the blood of kings
and infants.

and thus spoke Michael:

I have heard the cries of the turning Earth
I have brought them to the threshold of Heaven
Lord of Lords, King of Kings, God of Gods!
Look upon your children screaming
for release from the demons fashioned by
your hand! They have taught them murder,
oppression, all manner of black arts and misuse
of your sacred power.
Those who have died by these demons are
rising before your gates with the power of Martyr
unified in a single soul.

God shuddered that his children might revile his name
& curse Him to their children as their own birth.
He set about to create a great flood which would wash
away the sins of the Watchers and wipe the slate clean
for the generations that followed.

The Lord revealed his name to the most righteous
among men, a man called Noah son of Lamech and
sent him visions of a final war between the sons of man
and the sons of the Grigori. He sent him an image of a
vast metallic tree upon which the Giants were forever

God taught him to create a vast ark and told him to collect a male
and female among every beast and repopulate the Earth once it
had been cleansed.

Then God's eye scoured the Earth for Azazel who abode
is the waterless desert and he flesh-crafted his right hand
to his left foot and his right foot to his left hand and buried
him beneath ten thousand rocks. then He nailed a wooden
board to his face that he may never see the Light again but
rather, fire eternal. then He put upon Azazel this final curse:

that all mankind's confessions and treacheries be
emblazoned on his skin like a brand, and his body
would be the parchment of the damned.

Then the God of Gods summoned Gabriel and said:
proceed against the reprobates, expel the Nephelim
from the kingdoms of man and destroy those corrupted
by Azazel's designs. set them one against the other
that they may be impaled on their brother's sword.

Then the God of Gods summoned Michael and said:

Make known the names of the Watchers who fornicated with daughters of men
that their years may number as few as a man's and their bodies become decrepit with age then bind them for seventy generations beneath the desert rocks until the day of their judgment when they will be cast into the fire at which time they will burn and die.

Their ashes will blow in the wind and the infants of men will inhale their smoke.
destroy injustice and inequity by planting in the earth the seeds of evil that they
might bare righteous fruit. allow the righteous to escape and multiply and become
ten thousand, that every seed sewn on the turning earth may bare ten thousand
measures, forever.

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