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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Web of Life

mirrored in that other blue
in the reality in which it is reflected
within the vexed and stimulated
echo of its own remission
the truth appears as symbols
covering its symbols with the symbols
in which it is hewn

the manners and customs of our lives
transcend our lives to connect us
to other lives in time

like particles in a universal delusion
wrought by the magic of forgetting
the auto-intoxicated vanishing point
of a self-obsessed world
whose super-impositions merge and perish
& thus become imperishable

the ineffable seed must be conceived
& fed by flesh and blood
divinity must descend into the sinews
in order to be conceived and conceive of
beseeching forces – leave no peace

consisting not in – but of substance
and by – not for – notions
bent and driven toward the bounding line
superimposed over an unchanging source
whose manifestations are (by nature) infinite
& whose system is rejection

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