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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Prose of Waking Dream II

a sudden wake drives. surveillance to correct degrees. vibrating with involuntary reflexes. a profane heaven from within a dream.

admiration and desecration. like the rattler who shows his gratitude. in divine darkness. in the charm of an industrial slumping. toward a psychotropic revelation. which ravishes the enlightened mind.

a nightmare within a nightmare. waking up inside a dream. of wet ash displayed in rain. which washes away the landscape.

everything is psychotropic
everything defiles the mind
everything is an addiction
everything is good and fine

its reflection appears. in the faceless summer. the dream contrived. from a dream it had. of winter's eyes. & the clouds cover the recollection. the impression it made on the surface of the clouds.

shining out from underneath the sun
where all is blindness
& delight


  1. seriously man, IS everything addicting?
    Are you addicted to anal sex?
    Because anal sex is entailed in the category that is "everything"

  2. Honey, you're in Japan. Don't make fun of anal sex too loud or you'll be lynched.

    Could you comment on the context of the actual poem instead of projecting your yaoi fantasies onto other people's blogs?


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