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Monday, January 16, 2012


cleave to me
(hisSway) before he dies
wormwood seductions
of the serpent
on four sides
salvation awaits
delicious salivation apples
pour out Zoar space nakedness
mourned profaning death
strangles a space of despair
wOrds condemned to converge
sucking attributes
from mankind's martyr song

Oh receptacle
infolding Rezin
with famine upon
the fellowservant sacrifice
bees stone a puppet race
poplars quiet
great trees, willows
which grow nothing
wormwood simply wanted
the Earth more

twisted Chebar spheres
should kill Adam first
but they nurture the needful
sharp knife voice
where the wOrd becomes the crOss

& sister Sodom and for fear, the house which is a uterus is your Eden, sister. first suffer the ways of the slave, then be commended by the bottom cropped longed for son whose name always translates to deliverer.

the LORD being loved
eats law

before all iniquity, Lamech took his flock to the creator naked. the howling serpent sold his ellipses to a promise that circular gods eternally return to the bee's apparel of [%s] complexes. skirt over these handmaid egos, sister. Timaeus HooDoo. under a procession of sacrifice: you are an abstract. idealize. vandalized vain woman. a Gibean ox. of signs and daughters. rumour, judgment. they ingest what they think they love.

hope torments men. idolaters at Ishi pray to gold. Egyptians can withstand prophesy because order itself is enslaved.
accumulation of pieces
two horns which must [%s]
yoked face roaring another’s desire
that zeus could escape Gebim incarnate
proud afflicted body; clothe thee and twenty astonished
evolutionary dances bake them six men and sperm
to your death, sister

you began at command
desires beside you

Gilgal enemies
in the form of men
who sulk

judges of god
sleep with angels
that ye sunshine vines
into a religion
you'll revolve in Gihon
Horites in Chisleu
sold for a smile
children inkhorn good guys
potential messengers
deliver their abominations
to your womb

Lot said death rested on your youth
profane fire burning envies
alongside songs
I know this well

Calno Nimrod the angel went forgat EchO
answered the undulating divinations: Jeroboam
quickly blesses thee each day seven and pray you
were pluckt nought (poor vomiting wholeness) redeemed
with faithful hirst blocks moments now in flight
shackles again sets a laugh at buyer remorse
in mount manner vessels obeyed slips: equations took my vanity
in safety. as her works behold wet fates Ethiopia keeping spheres
days receive my master treasure confused Amen Alleluia
stretching kool-aid shadow in blood will devour
Pharaoh: and your dwellingplaces
employ involuntary reflexes
my dear sister

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