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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Deliver Ur

envelopment my lord. my reflection of my dreams falls down on all fours. all imagination chases seedtime through my innocence, west. all repent. chained to a Pockels effect centered in deserts. Subtil Japheth conceives another voice. & rolls it to a threshold of dopamine darkness.

bees pour out of my eyes. grafted onto solid lips. the mouth of a horse & the wings of a butterfly

crows have mercy
Gehenna resurrection
battle flesh cannot harden
thousands respect us already
have mercy
act of battle flesh
cannot harden
Look away
Deliver Ur

the Lord's scripts might vine around your sisters. cursed temples. which sell strange speech & daynight sorceries repeat upon a circle.

in the abdOmen
of a foreign god
we see ourselves

the fangs of a clock
goes (sweet) from i29 bOdies
gestating in the tongue of a dream
Satan's folds
thereof as a lover

firebrands together
a bitterly fatalist deliverer

a GOD-CMPLX of eyes
shining from a schizoid sky
cross polarized with erasures
comfort manufactures a singing mask
that proudly bows to guilty gods
the sky can feel like
August in Winter

the sixth angel falls from grace
maddened by a divided God
who came out of Zoar space
naked of our doings

Armageddon of Man
will melt indefinitely
into another cross

foreseeing seasons supple
an antinomy of names
and processional meat
supplicates to our virtue

juice for us
salivate circumcised suckers
shaves rewinding shades
reminding us of the lovers
we sacrificed to axioms
and after my salvation
i came out of reflections
rewinding all
the Tartan multitude
to oozing Ramah
dreaming Raamah
we shall EAT the Raaamah prototype
to release the hour of our beast
from its burden

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