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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Tear Garden

i am just a man. in search of my thorn.

i dwell with their pains & their differences are senseless projections in dirt suffering water. the movement of organic spines to service the delicious savior.

afraid of the God who gave him syphilis under the inversion of any tree; for the passion of beasts the product of purposeful penises. passed out thereby explode.

expired captain, feel the womb
the menstruous pearl rules nature

split between the fire that his hand shall judge

We are separated
themselves are in a bOdy9
hindereth her fruit
found her first voice
to thyself
within me in blood
things too jaded
to dismiss growls
divided in blood
god knows i'm good
and good soil
is a senseless riddle
of a sevenfold beast
fornicating where their
dreams were slain
upon all our pretense
a prophet's regress of functions

whose ratio is joined to kings of force themselves a reflection which neither your eyes can uterus wall uterus with atoms feet: Bashan vectors forgat life freely conjectures None shall come up now to sing as crystal gods & pre-god verbal doppler fearful visual whisper country: abroad the rulers are their hunger for fear of water with us; and called by them plagues. drink my right foot even upon whom came out of a message. alchemically manifested deference to Grace fertilized one’s zeus commandment against innocence is crucified to call me fetishized at the beginning of God after three vicious codes/signs and fifty days shall lift the Subtil confederacy toward heaven saying they will seduce the grammar of god with their good deeds. a sun inhaled silly Kiriathaim with hot desire to melt away from sinning through my wounding.

and those pieces dimming
your words - they are fallen
stars like trust in envy
nothing more

attention twisted into what dark
they die for

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