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Monday, December 26, 2011

Mixed Beings

engine over control
that spread of puddle
I have evaded she evades me
other with bone through
signal flights everything
lets longer drunk cannot relax
than what I won't is fornicating
the idea has crushed brandy
see nor act nor I've
appropriated with NONE
in again against the end of
probably must be
other people's NONE
into our smudges
in again "Her voice How vexed”
Probably birth Our
damn multiplying our destinies
other name bereft doubles haunt their
circus voices
wake by passing day

particularly blessing whimpering
intercepted streets in vitro lanes
the anybody myth of everybody
there were no faces
no shortage of jealousy in bloodlines
hamlet mourning process
evildoer fingernails

promises ###___{stroke} them
laying at the feet of perceived beasts
reintegrating Edom & fall by consent

I will meet you where
the trail goes cold
where thin heads
divide a perfect god
into a pie


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