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Saturday, March 12, 2011


so we must force it. mutilate the tissue of our children's remains. set them as symbol. impale them on their shadows. here there be dragons. they portend the end. the grammar of sacrifices produces the devouring worm, susan smith, and the oedipus complex. the curse is now murder. murder anything that restricts us. murder the world itself, when we are sure there is another world waiting somewhere, beyond the squallor of matter. murder our bodies to release our souls. then murder our souls to free our bodies.

the father's heaven is overgrown. the mother's body is earth and sky. their deaths produce the mechanism of our multiplication. the rebel now is called devil. his war is vain and hopeless. his enemy, being. his eyes harbor spiritual toys to demoralize his reflexive father who breathes into him the very life he seeks to destroy.

even a god cannot kill a god.

for there are gods which are also stars. stars which are also atoms. and atoms which are forces of nature.

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