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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eris [Part 6: Vagina Dentata]

reflexive my puppets
reject to return, invert
an imaginary hand reintegrating
its fingers along the barrel of a spine
moving like liquid toward the brain
and you are suddenly bathed in light
bright eyes begin to make it up
as they go along.
a dark brown sludge
cries out of the corners
of the eyes. let it go,
let it all go. your eyes
are made of light.
and your heart
is light as a feather.

the orange glittered void
of the ultimate spiral

resonating reptile with its tail
in its mouth

ancient acquired void of vicious sympathy
with a sawblade mouth,
in the anti-breath of dark night

a secret
that competes with fear
for its very survival

on the other side of every black hole
is a baby universe
in imaginary time.

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