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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dawn Will Eat History [Refire::2]

dawn will eat history
the unnamed machination
butterflies into names
intercepted at the center
the gift of Einstein
a choiceless God
whose dice endager
the eye of gravity
ordered in torsoes
eyes on fingernails
tongues in navels
we urinate through our nipples

& an angel is analyzed by a rat

is there any difference between man's gods & a god's cock & and an animal's jaw?

each is its own distended center. collapsing into what it relapses into. because parrots are dignitaries. the only form of jurisprudence. they can only feel their own gravity. and cannot tell themselves from others.

echoing words they have no intention of meaning. meaning words they have no intention of speaking.

conjectures of the speculum
the birds would sing
an apocalypse of apples
if the torments of the pit
could only make us climax

disjointed demons
the shadow retracts
an entire universe tapped
inside of a skull
everything relates and has meaning

the mirror tells me the same
stories that i am fantasized by
playing faces in a transmorphic orchestra
the atmosphere itself will swallow our names

special! special? what do you get? another drop. in the cosmic ocean. we escape our lives & love is paranoid into noises succumbing out of our way of praying. our kneel.
fear based models of god creep into sin as death. and the fleshpot model of sin devours sin. this is the paradox of our pretense to godhood. shit and farts and bodily juices. we are disgusted by our incarnation. so much so that we lust for it. our godhood thus is crafted out of self-disgust. a pretense to self disgust to destroy self disgust.

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