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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Angel of the Bottomless Pit [Refire]

turing and turin bid on bodies. evil satan
vanity cabaret. carousel of cains. the
devil, who immortalized amnesia
prepares giants in death valley.
in a soup of genomes. machinations
slip. terrorists play their names
cry their fear in the bloodstream of blame.
heat sleeps and seeks. accusing
a voodoo of brains that curse their
dreaming demons. vicious circles
spiral into a regress of screams.
bloody mary, the fang you stake
retires to a bottomless pit. abaddon
rises from the deep. polluters believe
there is no tomorrow. dreamers retire
to their sleep. we are being swallowed
by a calm state. medicated into normalacy.
the study of breath. bacterial mitosis.
i have carried this demon on my back.
synchronizing with a timeless god.
whose jaw is the splendor of an
ancient deluge.

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