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Monday, November 15, 2010

Dimensions as properties

This proof for whatever reason gets into people's heads.

Any adjectival property of an object is a dimension.

Really simple proof.

1. We think of x and y as extensions of length and width.
2. This means that we can translate the noun-al property of dimension into the adjectival property of dimension.
3. Objects "have" dimension
4. Objects in the space are "more than" the space. The space can be described more generally than the objects in the space.

Basically what we want to say is:

When you are talking about a dimension, you are describing a property of an object.

Objects in the space always have "more dimensions" than the space they inhabit. But special exceptions are worth considering. (This may be because our model is wrong, and I'm working on this now).

Nevermind, I think I got it.

The problem with trying to self-contain the a system to an object in the manner which OOO and Speculative Realists seem to want to do, is that the model should always imply it's interiority to the system, in fact it's subordination to the overlapped dimensions, space (length, width, height) and time (past, present, future).

Godel's Incompleteness is enough to imply a regress of incompletions, and so Gunk Theory is still winning. Praise be unto the Transcendental Signified (for now).

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