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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Risperdal: An American Prophecy

I am godlike, void of scruples. i am children's guns in school. whoever is not with me is against me. whosoever does not gather with me scatters. with a passion for apathy my army of innocence advances along the machinelike landscape both toward and away from you are made to be broken (orders). facts become fictions satisfied by Faith my true field. my experience of you is invisible to you. i'm compelled to explain the relation copula of our science (process by proxy) dredged out of this transaction. this unlikely crucifixion is the prescription for alienation. i sacrifice and thus am normal, subject to the stars your brain creates that i imagine. flushed down by fate, the intimacy of outcome, process by proxy, i am hollowing to a mask. an object of my successes, america, a malcontent, stagnating insofar as i am satisfied, infected insofar as your reflection. this miracle bubbled out of a box. there's nothing between us but each other. midgets choose midgets. america, its reflection at a distance. you relax while i contract. the path of least resistance requires a mastery of restraint. faith is [Will] visions and voices this insubstantial pageant is peopled by competitive presences. my disease will forgive your cure. zapruder will rewind kennedy's brain back into his skull. brady's bill will be shot like columbine into the hands of a child covering her face. i can't remember the question, america, but she said yes. pills get rid of all of us, oversleeping dreamers, spindle stacked through a hole in the middle of my rewritable media. tangled in confusion, constructed moonlike out of emotion. we fall ultimately into simplicity from a past we used by habit. cut to conceive, misleading sharply into the mainline. such a shield is now necessary. the price paid same parts of the system sorted psychic stuff personas fashion out of people. It's nesting (hunting) nesting season, and the beasts carry diseases, wearing kevlar condoms for security reasons. god bless you america, and save your receipt. your credit isn't good here (i don't trust you trust me). you only preach to sheep. kill yourself and nothing else, america, suicide attempts are inherent in depressive illness may persist until remission occurs we will die like lambs together in order to minimize the risk of overdosage risperdal prescriptions should be written for the smallest quantity consistent with patient managemenT.

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