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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Dirt on the Mirror

Rehctaw specters. mirrors over run with Zod-ka gospels. the dirt on the mirror. these words. bend into a single point and then vanish.

under starlight. have you ever felt anything so genuine as an axe?

a poverty of objects that are now gods too. fortune-telling computations. transmigrating universals. egocentrics' familiars denied death.

bless us our unclean convalescent stage arises out of a ruptured center for consistency of succeeding analgesia. justified negations.

sent[I]ence possession: 'people' deeply.

& all my meanings are mere persuasions to obtain an indifferent revelation. though I fail. my maiden-self is famous for integrals.

alone in service to climb this God because ecstasy implies vanity implies preferring self-deception to militant matrix gifts.

in excarnation we recreate these pitiable stars as pragmatists wish for immunity from the Albatross. asleep in its animal instincts. its breathing methods. its bodies for breathing.

take away time. returning space.

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