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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scape Goat

Azazel borrowed this rabbit from my mouth. inserting ornaments inside. this is true supputation. in spite of Cells.

Petilian three points. is worthy of its bulwarks.

Peckloh forced itself on any given morning & became the bidding pity of Semiazaz. wanting to remain incarnate. changing martyrs forever, Peckloh cups his constellation in his name. Peckloh is ourselves. Augustinus Phallus three-pounders by Zaid. the Polyogle gods condemned to fall through Sheol into the pit with no bottom. where two of my verses have fallen. into the soft comfort of a resting place.

truth vessels in our escape. Augustinus penmen - that sweet music. that relationship to Purgstall (it's based upon him) as we mainly are bridled to our barbarous everlasting blessedness. pleasure in a deep moral teaching. a harmonious shield above & below.

covered in conversions. stellar dogs. worthy princes of repetition. utrumque superstitions. the divisions he assigns compose a tree. X rejoices over I. goat of the year--the damned alive.

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