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Friday, January 20, 2012

King Maker

in those days
the KING maker ate kings
and our KING famished the firstfruits
who built Babel

GOD what i have taken
echo of objects
I am an object

Daughters nest by your master's bare Zerubbabel overflow
as our ancestors whistled sewage to life

hell hath the fundage of abdOmen suits
Although sometimes these seduce disgust
unto nameless thoughts of Cush
against the soul,
we trumpet money expectation
varied unto an infinite materiality

deliver the Beth-el doctrine
to the vomiting madness of God

we justify the schemata
of perceived computations
we accumulate strategies to accumulate

Weep ten thousand
kindreds of self-disgust
and imagine flesh shall firstripe
the architect of a metastatic order

Gomer, Gomer
tabernacle you
and harvest the g0od
that overthrew Mehujael
& restored Gomer

dryshod Nathan,
Uzziah died LORD
Uzziah died
Rephaims forgotten
our own God forgotten
to become images
in his children's minds

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