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Monday, May 23, 2011

what the fuck is wrong with psychiatry

i think i've figured this out

line of perpetual intervals
falling in suspension
till a red moon
stills the earth's center

what begins in light
runs in diminishing circles
reality becomes so distorted
that it becomes its own reality
god likes his victims
littered with statistics

the dsm is our holy book

listen to this psychiatrists
the vast majority of people
who feel they are the object
of cold detached analysis
become afraid.

when you see it, you'll think it's paranoia
because why should they be afraid of you?
you're there to help them.
any logical mind would reason that.
but the fact of this segmentation
between you and your observation
the copenhagen interpreation of
you are in fact a part of the experient
you are conducting...

this is the big glitch
in your system

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