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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


the symphony of biologies,
behind the resurrected Spring
& my demons are bereft of mythologies.
knowledge's cave crumbles from within
a pit that preaches its own darkness
in the moonlike mainline
that glazes beyond the whimper
a mouth that must bury its kill
then dies while you disintegrate.

all these years
encrypted by a deranged impressionist
patterned on a fading song
the echo of your rapture
muscles that will contort her skeleton
and all the while will my biology be
the explanation of an eye and a lip
the science of a sinful resurrection

in Babylon, the sky is made of monsters
tombstones blaze over one who lays
if they are not taken, sought dreams,
carry it to the burial with a nobody.
mythological paths come with suicide
it was just a soul, then, to be resurrected,
angelic messenger of rejections
and what he formed was sadistic
swalowing the ceremony
of seductuctions
in faces
trying to erase
their own expressions.
like a trusted beckon,
experience always covered it
there is no forgiveness
for a warehouse swallow
and buckles bartered
to fit in.

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