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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eris [Part 1: The Illusion that the Illusion is itself an Illusion, is itself an Illusion.]

lie re[PRO]duction.

turn patheticly and crosswise and no one will hear you scream you a believer.
stand yourself on an end out of a mythology of parsers.
sacredly and quietly and no one will curse your system.

come nausea.

project yourself once at moonlight .
create yourself once a night
then debase yourself practically
by day.

compel yourself where
you can be subjected.

disappear yourself where
you can be rejected.

signal: you forgive
your fading.

unless you select
to be survival to a devil
obliterate yourself where
you can be seen.

truth, I laid your illusion.
to beyond the urinatation of the spirit.
Spiritus Mundi, I glimmered your stagnance.
I am the one who sleeps, the one who dissected your night.
in a spring of starlight. i await your cradle.
by the skin of the sky.
by the skin of the sky.

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