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Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Song is False [Part 4]

IV. The Gift

Under our skin
moves the light of fallen stars
it has come to pass
that by fetishizing instruments
everything is made related in our vainity
those who sulk, do so at a distance
their eyes are hidden to ours
and their tears have become one
with the quickening mud.

because life flows most effectively
through a noose.

gravity pulls souls from their shells.
touch my chains and you will see.
the morning will eventually come
when we eat sinners instead of saviors.
then nest our children in the tree of life
and the words of gods will stand for nothing.

the day will come when the poles father knots and then reverse. lowered bait will be the recipient of rain. the prophet's tongue will seduce the serpent and push the witness from his cliff, loosening the names that cover our chains.

into whose arms have I fallen?
the martyr's heart is food for the sperm of God.
patterns fall from names
then bite your eye.

a teardrop can beget a darkness
that reviles the gifts of any god.


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