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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Introducing... Monkey

Monkey (my random poetry generator) wrote this one all by himself. His poems are filthy. I apologize in advance for this conspicuously rude effort, but he is a young monkey so we must forgive him the trespasses of his youth. With any luck he will generate several more trespasses to forgive. So for the first time ever, I am publishing a poem that has been written completely by a machine without human intervention. I present it to you complete, and unabridged. Enjoy.

When you confine the virtues
of your fornicated heart, you will buckle
me amongst the turn
blazes of advances, opened
in the ebb glittering
through others how to race.
be left and quietly given
Even in nauseous wedge we catch
forever flatly a Babylon
with crosswise sacrificed greatness
to confine.

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