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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


until her smiles
were only kept teeth
with a pain for believing,
he was acquired
by riverlike eyes, deserted
at each watched horizon,
fed practically on the grave
of her syndrome,
intent on being
a system of trusted prescriptions.

a comforted sleep rages against intimacy
factual faded skeletal aesthesia
persisted in her overdose and being in back of it
his screaming of her needs could garner some repreive
if the construct and method confuse
to tuck his will in her wedge.

if the movement of her suicides could be believed,
sulking in a symphony of dictated maladies
if the savior and a forgery comsume her dreams
some of the longings of the impaler might be subjected

soaked in her gutter
touched in by island tides
escaped angels of her prohibition

twisted warmly in the fled displeasures of her persona
he said that the urination of her brains could be cleansing
though some of the crumbles of her despair might be doubled,
and preached with drugs in hand to this end.

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