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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where do we put our Memories?

the feedback mirror. fetishes of the snakecharmed.
shock machines decorate a reality tunnel
in the mesenchyme of psychic graffiti

revelations bubble into the syndrome
of a schizoid masochist

all of those locks
come with wellness
we will make a nest
in oblivion

call it deluge, my dear
we will refer to it
in a hush

fallen angels haunt the backyards
of torn down houses
like barren tombs
with made up names
the lamentations of ghosts
we cautiously cleanse ourselves

the influenza of symmetry
product dignity
breath retires the heart
that whispers the empathies
of a peace compelled
to a margin

if you eliminate what comes before
then you eliminate what is to come
you are left

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