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Monday, January 24, 2011

To Anything that Flees

ask anything that flees
the spirit double warped
in an epileptic rhythm
among the operations that store
a mausoleum of schemata
ask anything that petrifies us
two nervous magnetisms
coffin sensations
torments and seductions
oblivions and manifestations
multiplying its mirages
along the incadescent edges

all of the people saw with fear
the bloodstream of images
a confusion of silences
whose dismal nothing aspires
to the gesture made by lava
exploding from the phantasms
contorted in a personal anatomy

the sky can still fall
nature mocks our immortality
beyond the tremors
a metastasized soldier
forgot what the sky was
grievously weeping
burst mysteries through
the looking glass heavens
moribund in the cries of crows

& there they met the weather
& God told them it would rain
& so they burned each other at the stake
whose shadow bends over
the scape goat's throat

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