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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trenchcoat Mirror

turing and turin bid on bodies. evil satan
vanity cabaret. carousel of cains. shouting
at the devil. my devil is a merry go bye bye.
bloody mary. torquemata. goosebumps for
monkeys. bed wedding and chemical rain.
elliot's wasteland and an amusement jew.
running from a pitful of god of lovers.
worshipping the devil daddy who
immortilized amnesia. a tin omen
inquisition. flowers for the cult of
theodore. war locked. and hunters.
addicted to torment. the mirror of
narcissus. i will break you down.
tear you up. and turn you into my
reflection. i am a prion. a retrovirus.
a well paid scientist. a kid with a trenchcoat
a nazi procession of pet peeves. be certain
my grave is kept clean.

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