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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gouger of Faces

move from the shadow blocked by light
from the veined tunnels the sea alone
pools beneath the firey sky; the morning star;
nothing whatsoever. gathered here together.
neither moan nor cry out. don't squawk
or chatter. howl at the race of reason
shelled hearts and canyons. the keeper
will never accept your service so let
your flesh be eaten. test your timing,
babbler whose towers fall. that pride
let rise again.

dawn is nearing. neither invoked nor
remembered. let it dwindle. let them hide
let them sulk. let them merely remain a thought.
neither product nor resource escapes its
indigestion. an anorexic reflection of their honesty.
hear the truth is nailed to a cross. ten villages from
here. the Gouger of Faces pounding bones & blood
& muscle into predators into prey. pray for today's
monkeys in ash forests. that their habitation be a signal
to the blank fates whimpering in the moonlight. hovering
like shadows relative to nothing.

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