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Thursday, May 21, 2009

the devouring flame II

my throat befriends the wind
and then releases it into the earth
where it is embraced by a seed
which grows and bears fruit

we are too close to see the pattern
retrojected deep into our memory
in an economy of the apple
the one forbidden thing we need
terrified by some sphinx we conjured
and a riddle too simple to be believed
haunted by the thirsty light
and the fetishes of heaven
are wrought of this inorganic eye
dim nebulae shining in a schizoid sky
glazed stars like eyes watching
monstrous planets generating dragons
with diamond eyes shining like fire
squandered in martial ash

& out of the flames we summon
continuous demons lying there
in that confusion

consuming all in sight and enduring the empathy
of a hand that blurs all bounderies.

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