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Friday, May 2, 2014


at the root of silence. paused a powder. rolling backward over the gutter. & dissolved in anOther’s eyes. & a chest secretly envied the outer lining of a gray suit. would disturb the body. scabbing toward her own throat and rolled out at moonlight. will begin. to break. apart.

all stopped atop the promise of dust (itself seemed) silent since your vein is wound on time. that crept into what i will call you.

we are masquerading as plucked blossoms.

well i'm going to down and up like she stared at God and loaded the bowels of compassion from her nightstand.

the way her bladder empties out & how jesus will swallow the puffy cushions of a comfortable wrath.

the length of god could smell gastric juice.

set in biology
my body could teach me
that sins overlap and imagine
we pass that gleam of lOve
yOu escape through


method = ngrams, cut-up
corpus = the tolkacz bias
generator = im3

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