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Monday, April 14, 2014

red crush.

Red Crush

& you will come to see us. reduced by half & half & half. rattlesnakes
unfold under the swollen silver moon. i fell down forever. to watch the
dusty mesa. across the poison creosote. hidden in the cactus bloom.

& when
i touched her sk[I]n
my fingers ran
with sand . silent sand . blood .
the wind will be my hands . silent sands . me; the stars will be your
eyes . and swollen . to the wind . will come to drag away your hopes .

shadows dance . with me forever . across the thorny brush . and a
stranger haunted me . the last light warms the stars will be my fingers

ran with blood forever across the dusty mesa forever the poison light
warms the boiling sun . forever . twines her skin .

slowly towards the wind . to drag away your eyes . and the last light

warms the poison creosote . sand . the rocks and the boiling sun .

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