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Sunday, March 30, 2014

And all turn

men tremble at Shochoh
after such wickedness
not inheriting such images
desiring food for this city
hastily at evening
the morrow shall hear
his chosen temple
was nothing worthy
of a song
they might destroy
these thirty captains of g0d
whom before they sent him
shall acknowledge
my father's maids
another wheel
over our body
in sackcloth
and Shobab: the beginning
who maketh fire

flesh upon Moab
they called John Baptist's head
The table they abide
that a multitude perish
before all men
acknowledge my servant's house
their terror of Hemath
every sweetsmelling tree
will be fair in war
The second death
one realm against
eight thousand years
The height of Gilead
errors of Shechaniah
the cave of Pharez
The tree until they wept with him
lifted her on Neginoth
upon an error:
wherefore is mad:
and all turn


corpus = The Bible (KJV)
method = ngrams
generator = Infinite Monkeys 3 (pre-beta unreleased)

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