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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Disposable Poem

ammonia anymore
the ground-up tops of your key
cannot handle
a directory you screw
into being
easily translated into
fifteen miles away
in an extension
of any type of credit

in carbide. as in half a jar of 13 self-destruct programs which blow up in anymore might want to. go inside him. wick is lit up. terminals connected click. A network because them. you're paying only a nice gas and hard enough to match with any type fuse. so we are seeing if nitration has left a signaling over your whole experience of enclosure.

 behind white smoke
you’re signaling
you're going to enter
this  solution onto tape
to rephrase your reckoning
should drain the enemy
a fine powder or liquid
your choice

)-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-(

method = n-grams, cut-up

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